- Javascript Clock Generator

This Generator can create a custom Javascript clock like the example above and many, many more. It shows the local time of the browser viewing it. To begin, choose which options you want to use to create your clock and click the Continue button at the bottom.

Clock Format
Select from pre-defined clock formats
Customize the clock format (Advanced)

Display Type
 A text box the example like the example above
Status Bar
 Clock text in the web browser's status bar.
Dynamic Text
 Clock text written directy on the page. May not work in some older browsers.

Output Code
Custom Code
 If you only want one clock on your page and want the smallest code possible, choose this option.
Full Code
 If you want more than one clock on your page and this is the first, choose this option.
Partial Code
 If you already have the full code on your page, choose this option and only the code you need will be displayed.

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